Global Debt Mobilization Conference 2019



Melià Castilla

IFC’s Global Debt Mobilization Conference will be held at Hotel Melià Castilla, a four-star hotel located in the heart of Madrid, next to Paseo de la Castellana, the Real Madrid football stadium and the Golden Mile. Stay onsite at Melià Castilla to take advantage of all the excellent networking opportunities throughout this three-day event.

Casino de Madrid

Located on Calle de Alcalá – one of the longest and centrally located streets of Madrid, stand the impressive building of Casino de Madrid. The origin of the Casino goes back to 1836, when a group of intellectual young men who frequently met at Sólito's café (located opposite the Principe theater and demolished years later by the extension of the Plaza de Santa Ana), decided to formalize their meetings away from the hustle of the political life in the capital.

The architecture is a magnificent example of the Madrid eclecticism of the early twentieth century in which French and Baroque trends are mixed. The best artists and artisans intervened in the decoration of the interiors, highlighting the large party hall, the neo-baroque and modernist stained-glass windows of Mauméjean and the main staircase, with a unique modernist style, which is one of the best in Madrid.

As well as the interior salons, which are suitable for the realization of various types of events, there is also a terrace for dining in the balmy evenings of Madrid. Moreover, the Casino offers an exceptional atmosphere surrounded by other historical buildings. In addition to the avant-garde cuisine of the great Paco Roncero, always under the supervision of guru Ferrán Adrià, the place surprises with a spectacular checkerboard floor in black and white, impossible chandeliers, beveled mirrors on the walls that multiply the space, chairs of a thousand forms in gray-blue, original porcelain figures and a private room that stands out even more if it fits for its elegance and in which the ceiling, in addition to hanging an impressive lamp, hang hand-painted dishes.

Casino de Madrid is among the best venues for staging cultural events, press conferences and various social gatherings as it always amazes its guests with elegant atmosphere and exceptional level of service, guaranteeing a wonderful experience.